Confirmation 2022

Welcome to Confirmation 2022! On this page you can find all the extra information you will need for class. You can also explore videos, ask questions, and learn all about Confirmation. 


About Your Teacher


Hello! I'm Rev. Jessi Higginbotham. I've been an Ordained Minister in the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. for almost 13 years. I'm from Orange Park, Florida and I grew up attending St. Giles Presbyterian Church. 

I am married to Wil Stead (yes, we have different last names!) and I have two children, Violet and Liam. 

I love FSU Football, La Napolera cheese dip, Game of Thrones, finding shells on the beach and teaching Confirmation! 

About St. Giles 

St. Giles Presbyterian Church opened in 1977, some of our founding members still worship with us today! In the beginning members worshipped in what is now our Fellowship Hall. 

In 1983 St. Giles joined the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. denomination when it was established. In 1988 members began worshiping in our sanctuary. 

St. Giles is  named after the famous St. Giles Cathedral in Edenborough, Scotland. St. Giles was monk in the 6th Century and is the Patron Saint of Lepers.